Winterize Your RV
Winter is a beautiful time of year. With that beauty, however, can come conditions that require preparation. If you plan on taking your RV on the road this winter, there are some things you should take care of before you head out. Let's take a look!
Seal Openings: Insulate all openings, including windows, stairwell, and doors. This will prevent cold air from getting inside your RV. 
Heat: Space heaters are a great idea for winter RV trips. Look into your options, as there are many. Propane heaters will not use your electricity, but should be installed by a professional. Consider your budget and what is most practical for you.
Engine: Make sure your engine is protected this winter. There are actually certain fuels that are specifically designed for winter weather. If your engine happens to be diesel, use a diesel anti-gel solution to prevent freezing.
Skirt Your RV: This will also help with temperature regulation. This will not only keep you warm but also prevent pipes from bursting and freezing. *Pro Tip: If you're in a snowy area, use that to your advantage! You can tightly pack snow around your skirt to keep it in place. A tight seal will keep things even warmer than simply using the skirt.*
Extras: Remember to prepare! Additional necessities include an ice scraper, shovel, and winter windshield fluid. 
Even if you aren't traveling this winter, it is smart to winterize your RV so it is ready to go come springtime.
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