Just 20 Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Boost Your Immunity & Overall Health
Scientific research has shown that all it takes is 20 minutes of physical activity to generate anti-inflammatory effects that in turn support your immune system. On top of this, exercise helps prevent hypertension, Alzheimer's, and diabetes, while lowering stress and slowing the aging process. 
Since exercise is the best form of medicine there is, you have every reason in the world to get moving. If you're new to an active lifestyle, start slow by forgoing elevators in favor of stairs, start taking evening walks, or get up and walk around your home or office every hour. Healthy habits will always pay you back, so set a timer for 20 minutes and get busy getting healthy!
Prestige Fitness is a locally-owned and operated total body fitness club dedicated to helping members stay in shape. The wide selection of group classes, free weights, and cardio machines are designed to meet all members at the activity level they're comfortable with. The road to wellness is a marathon, not a sprint, and Prestige Fitness is with you every step of the way!


Prestige Fitness is a locally owned and operated total body fitness club dedicated to helping our members stay in shape. With our wide selection of classes included in the membership, members will definitely find the style of workout best suited for themselves.

Not into group exercise? Our many amenities have you covered. Our state of the art cardio theatre has a variety of machines designed to get your heart rate up while watching your favorite show. Our large selection of machines will fit any member workout. Our free weights section has a wide array of equipment, so whether you’re starting out, or are an experienced weight lifter; you will find the equipment desired.

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