Learn How Your Business Can be Powerfully Enhanced by Digital Marketing Initiatives

Digital Marketing is more expansive than ever and rapidly changing. How is your organization adapting to the changes? Is your outreach strategy addressing this evolving digital disruption?

During this three-day workshop, you will learn many of the elements of digital marketing including integrating customer-centered design, uncovering the mystery of how Google works, maximizing contextual marketing, and learning best practices to develop mobile content marketing & design. Think of this as a personal consultation for your organization’s digital marketing strategy. Together with these experts, you’ll build a digital toolkit and obtain a new network of working professionals.

Through this workshop, you will be exposed to:

- How to construct a customer-centered digital framework for your business

- Application of mobile consumer behavior to your digital marketing strategy

- Understanding of how IoT, AI, & Chatbots apply to your business

- BYOBP: Bring your own business problem & work with industry experts to solve your digital dilemmas


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Executive Education courses at the top-ranked Daniels College of Business are a cost and time effective solution to developing leaders. These include quick-hit programs that bring working professionals up to speed in various disciplines so they can create results in a shorter period of time.

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