The Future Is Looking Electric

Think of this app as a step counter for driving. Drivers of Volvo plug-in hybrid vehicles can get detailed, real-time information about their e-mobility patterns. The information that this app provides can be used to optimize your driving habits and get the most distance out of every charge. 
To enhance driver experiences, this app syncs with the in-car computer on Volvo electric vehicles to record and process valuable driving data. For example, drivers can view how much mileage they've gotten off a single charge, as well as data on battery depletion. These can help drivers be mindful of their driving habits to maximize charge efficiency and minimize the number of times they need to refill their gas tank. If users are intentional about their driving, this app can save serious money on refuels. 
Although this app already has some amazing functionality, there are more exciting updates in the works. Updates scheduled for later in the year will let drivers see how their driving habits impact their CO2 footprints, along with getting full calculations of fuel saved by driving electric. While Volvo is one of the newcomers in the e-mobility game, it's already making a tangible impact. We're excited to see what the future holds! 

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