Self-Driving Cars Aren't Hypothetical Anymore

Waymo and Volvo have partnered in a new self-driving car venture. In June, the two companies announced an exclusive partnership to develop a self-driving vehicle designed for ride-hailing. While details are still emerging about the shape that the project will take, having this amount of innovation behind the project is sure to have a significant impact on the ride-sharing industry. 
We know that the new vehicle platform will be capable of Level 4 autonomy. This is an SAE designation that indicates that a vehicle can handle all driving in a specific geographic area or in certain road and weather conditions. Level 4 autonomy also means that a car is capable of performing all of the driving functions without human interaction. Companies like Uber have been working to consistently meet this designation, and it will be interesting to see what influence Volvo has. 
Completely autonomous vehicles aren't just convenient, they have massive benefits for road safety too. These vehicles are specially designed to avoid traffic conditions that could lead to accidents and have complex protocols designed to minimize damage if something occurs. With all the benefits, it's not difficult to imagine seeing these vehicles expand into delivery, trucking, and personal use too. 

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