Make Sure You're Ready for Winter Driving


Part of Colorado living is knowing that there will be a time when you will skid, spin, or slide across the roads while driving in winter. While it's nothing short of heart-stopping, there are measures you can take to prevent a serious accident while on a wintertime excursion.

If your rear wheels are sliding, remain calm and take your foot off the gas pedal. If you have standard brakes, pump them gently. For drivers with anti-lock brakes, apply steady pressure. You will feel the brakes pulse but this is perfectly normal. Steer the car in the direction you want to go - if your rear wheels are sliding left, steer left. If your wheels are sliding right, steer right. If your rear wheels begin to slide as you recover, ease the steering wheel to that side. You may have to steer left and right a few times in order to fully gain control of the vehicle.

If your front tires are sliding, take your foot off the gas and shift to neutral, but don't steer immediately. As the wheels skid sideways, the vehicle will slow down and traction will return. Steer in the direction you want to go and put the transmission in drive (or release the clutch) and accelerate gently.

If you get stuck in the snow, do not spin your wheels as this will only make you sink deeper into the snow. Turn your wheels from side to side a few times to push the snow out of the way. Lightly press on the gas pedal and slowly ease your car out. If you're still stuck, use a shovel to clear snow away from the tires, exhaust pipe, and underside of the car. Pour sand, kitty litter, gravel, or salt in the path of the wheels to gain traction. You can also try rocking the vehicle back and forth by shifting from forward to reverse, and back again. Each time you're in gear, give a light touch on the gas until the vehicle gets going. Be sure to check your car's owner's manual to ensure that this won't harm your transmission.

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