Injured After an Accident? Your Best Ally is a Great Attorney

While you are not required to get a lawyer after an accident that caused injuries, it is still highly recommended that you do. Insurance companies want to settle your claim for as little and as quickly as possible, which leaves you in the dust. Accident and injury lawyers are not afraid to take on insurance companies. With a great lawyer in your corner, you'll be on the path to healing with the compensation you know you deserve.

When you hire a lawyer before going straight to your insurance company, you'll be entitled to:

- Larger compensation for your injury claim
- Counsel on any statutes of limitations that may pertain to your case
- Guidance on the ins and outs of legal jargon and lawsuit terminology
- Preparation on settlement demand letters
- A staff of individuals dedicated to collecting evidence, witness reports, loss of wages due to injury, law enforcement information, and medical bills

Don't go it alone against insurance companies, you deserve better than that. Insurance companies don't care about the person, just about the dollars and cents they have to pay out. While it may be faster to go through insurance first, remember that haste makes waste. 

The McDivitt Law Firm is dedicated to your case and is more than prepared to take on the insurance companies for your sake. Don't settle for less when the McDivitt Law Firm is on your side!



In 1974, Mike and Karen McDivitt started what eventually became McDivitt Law Firm. The firm is rooted in the principle that each person deserves to have equal access to the civil justice system. The McDivitts firmly believe that everyone should be able to have an attorney, whether you can afford one or not. Mike made it clear from the start that he doesn’t get a fee unless he is able to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

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In 2007, Karen and Mike’s son David joined the firm as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. A nationally recognized trial lawyer, David now runs the firm’s litigation and trial group, where he is responsible for both trying and supervising jury trials through verdict.

Over the past several decades, the firm has become one of the largest Personal Injury law firms in Colorado. It is still family-owned, but now Mike and Karen McDivitt are able to provide quality legal representation to thousands more clients than they could when they first opened their doors. With more than 80 staff and attorneys, McDivitt Law Firm prides itself on its ability to provide first-class legal representation to each of its clients, in a way that is affordable to anyone.

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