Bring Home the Best Colorado Has to Offer When You Shop Local

Sure, it may be easier to go to a big-box chain grocery store, but if you need a reason to invest in locally-sourced goods, give the list below a look! 

1. Local goods taste better - Farm-fresh vegetables and fruits are plucked at the peak of ripeness which adds to a boost in flavor and texture.

2. Shopping local preserves open spaces - When you support local growers, it reduces the chance of them having to sell their property to developers.

3. Reduces food contamination - When your items are farm-to-table, there's no middleman to introduce contaminants.

4. Buying local helps the environment - With fewer trucks driving all over the place to deliver food, this, in turn, lowers CO2 emissions.

5. You support the future of farming - By investing in locally-sourced products, you invest in a farm and all those that work the land. Your contribution keeps farming alive and well for the next generation of growers to feed the community.

6. You support the local economy - Now more than ever do we need to support in-state businesses. By keeping dollars moving towards independent businesses you are contributing to your state's overall well-being.

7. Did someone say "product diversity"? - Admit it, sometimes you get tired of run-of-the-mill mass-produced products. Independent retailers aren't afraid to try something new and venture into unique territory.

8. Local goods showcase community character - Everyone has their hometown staples, just like the good people of Vermont and their syrup and Texans with their barbecue. Local goods just have a way of preserving an area's unique identity. 

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At Leevers Locavore, our mission is to create a community hub centered around food and beverage.  We believe in redefining the local market in a modern and fun way.  We believe in creating unique opportunities for quality local producers, our employee owners, and like-minded vendor partners. We believe that collectively we can do some good in our small part of the world and truly benefit the communities in which we operate. 
We are Elevating Local Food.

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