Learn How to Create an Effective Financial Strategy That Works for Your Business

Daniels Executive Education's Strategic Finance is a three-day multidimensional workshop that uses real simulations and an acquisition case study to map the connections between business strategy, finance and enterprise value creation.

The goal of the course is to make you a more intelligent user of finance and strategy. Here you will become a more sophisticated manager, particularly when focusing on the interplay and interdependence of strategy, finance and management.

You will learn to view your organization through a different lens by learning how to:

-Evaluate whether business strategy is focused on enterprise value creation and if it is supported by the company’s financial structure.

-Determine how value creation can be measured through the use of cash flow based metrics and learn the limitations of traditional accounting based metrics.

-Develop a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of traditional strategic planning to modern strategic thinking, the role of finance strategy, strategic bets and valuation of strategic options.

-Apply strategy and finance tools in an acquisition case study, with a strong focus on the strategic benefits of the acquisition, evaluation of the ‘strategic bets’, valuation, post-acquisition integration, and value creation for shareholders.

This course is now available online for anyone who wishes to learn remotely.

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