What Does Leadership Mean to You?
Leadership is challenging. Effectively managing an organization doesn't just require strong problem-solving skills, it also demands that ability to identify and qualify new problems to solve. There's no single route to good leadership. Rather, it's a whole ecosystem of mindfulness, self-awareness, communication, and focus.
Our Accredited Leadership Experience (ALX) Workshop will help you cultivate the skills that you need for seriously successful leadership. This is a five-week leadership program that's designed to be a catalyst for transformation in managers. 
ALX includes both classroom and experiential activities that cover the important components of the leadership ecosystem. Beyond its innovative curriculum, this workshop offers input from experienced faculty and professionals who are at similar points in their careers. Participants can expect to hone their skills in communication, coaching, and emotional intelligence along with the tools required to create a meaningfully inclusive organization.

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Executive Education courses at the top-ranked Daniels College of Business are a cost and time effective solution to developing leaders. These include quick-hit programs that bring working professionals up to speed in various disciplines so they can create results in a shorter period of time.

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