What Does Emotional Intelligence Mean to You?
While being book smart is important, there are a variety of other types of intelligence that are vital for long-term success. In fact, studies estimate that as much as 75% of career derailments happen for reasons related to emotional competency. Addressing interpersonal disputes, maintaining leadership during difficult times, and creating systems that elicit trust are important abilities that contribute to both the short-term morale and long-term success of every workplace. 
Emotional intelligence in the workplace can often seem like it relies on difficult, opaque rules and our online workshop will demystify them. 
Our Insights Discovery System is a simple yet powerful framework used in organizations worldwide. By participating in our online workshop, you can implement this methodology into your own professional environment. This course will help participants understand the concept of self, and how that informs constructive interactions within the workplace.  
Workshop attendees will receive an additional online evaluation to better tailor content to their needs along with printed individual Insights reports around these findings and a half-day debrief session with an Insights certified instructor to review these results. 

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