Gluten Free? Don't Fret!

We are so excited to announce that our GRAIN FREE breakfast burritos are now available at The Green Collective in LoHi! 
These breakfast burritos include:
 Siete Foods Cassava Tortillas
Real Egg
Housemade Green Chile
Black Beans
Cheddar Jack Cheese
Cinco Verde Sauce
Gluten-free doesn't mean flavor-free! Just like all of our other menu items, we put an exceptional amount of love and care into our gluten-free burritos. Get yours today!



So, What Makes Dis Burrito All Dat?

Well to start, our locally sourced and hand rolled burritos are made with purpose. Our Ingredients and Methodology make a Dis Burrito the TRUE breakfast of Champions. Screw hitting the snooze button, because the sooner you get up, the sooner you can get your mouth on one of our legendary burritos.


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