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DCF is committed to promoting safe, responsible gun ownership. That's why we're offering New Shooter Training classes to new firearm owners. We've seen a recent increase in firearm sales, and want to ensure that these firearms are being kept in responsible, well-informed environments.We strive to help first-time gun owners navigate the complex world of firearm ownership.

Participants can expect to cover firearm basics, along with important safety primers and the basics of shooting. This class will have both a classroom and a range element.

DCF Guns is Colorado's premier destination for shooters. Whether you're a first-timer or an expert marksman, we have something for you. One look at our showroom is all you need to see that we carry a variety of high-quality handguns, shotguns, and rifles from top-tier manufacturers. In addition to our top-notch firearms, we also offer a variety of safety and tactical classes with our highly-trained staff.



We provide a broad range of Handguns, Tactical Shotguns, and Rifles. We cater to gun enthusiasts and individuals seeking home protection and/or self-defense. We also provide various safety and tactical training courses, from beginners to advanced. Our goal is to educate every member of the community on the safe and secure methods of carrying a concealed firearm and/or the handling of a firearm, for personal protection or hunting.

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We cater to gun enthusiasts and individuals seeking home protection and/or self defense.

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The DCF Training and Education Department offers a comprehensive list of courses from traditional firearms instruction to DCF-developed tactical classes in Unarmed Response, Edge/Contact Weapons and Tactical Mindset with more to come.

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