We 'See Ew'
Looking for a way to turn your next dinner into a vacation? Our beef pad see ew is where it's at. Get a fresh taste of traditional Thailand with a modern spin on this classic noodle dish! Taken straight from the streets of Bangkok, our version features fresh noodles stir-fried with a black house soy sauce, topped with plenty of garlic, egg, carrots, broccoli, and--of course--rich cuts of beef. 
Find out why these ribs are such a big deal when you visit us for in-person dining or order online
Daughter Thai isn't just a restaurant, it's a destination. It's a date location. It's a family night out. We're proud to serve authentic Thai dishes and bold new takes on classic Thai flavors. Whether you're looking to indulge in our incredible menu or work your way down the drink list, we've got you covered. Our restaurant brings generations of Thai cooking traditions to life, offering great food, great ambiance, and a great place to hang out. 


When people think about most Thai restaurants they think the food is always the same and no one thinks of having a date in them, Here, Daughter Thai wanted to create the kind of restaurant where people can enjoy great food in a good ambience and have a fun place to hang out.

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