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If you've come to a crossroads in your career and aren't sure where to go next, it may be time for you to pursue a graduate business degree. The Daniels College of Business provides a wide variety of routes that will take you and your career to the next level. A graduate degree in business is a valuable tool to have to conquer the challenges of today's business environment as well as unlocking the doors to new opportunities and relationships. 

It's time to aspire for more. Let the Daniels College of Business help you get there.




The Daniels College of Business has always taken a bigger, broader approach to business and taught our students accordingly.

Founded in 1908, Daniels is a top-ranked business college at one of the country’s premier private universities and the oldest university in the Rocky Mountain West. With our rich history of excellence and innovation, Daniels is globally recognized as a leader in providing an immersive and engaged business education.

Grounded in ethics, our educational experience not only teaches students, it transforms lives. As a learning community, our students, faculty and staff nurture service, outreach and personal integrity as we proactively tackle the tough business issues of our day.

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