Our Pizza Dough Is a Quadruple Threat!
Crush Pizza + Tap understands that pizza preference is an important, deeply personal preference. Deciding if you'd rather go absolutely crazy on a hand-tossed versus deep-dish pizza is no easy feat. No matter what crust + toppings you pick, Crush Pizza + Tap is here to serve up some seriously awesome pies. 
We've got four different pizza styles and we're proud of each one. There's no wrong way to enjoy our award-winning pizza. If you're looking for some classic pizza dining, our hand-tossed crusts are the perfect blend between crunchy, crispy, and chewy. On the other hand, our deep-dish pizzas are like digging into a mountain of awesome crust + toppings + sauce. 
Meanwhile, our Sicilian dough spends all day rising and still manages to deliver a nice, light pie (with plenty of crispy cheese edges, of course). If you're looking for gluten-free options, we've also got you covered with our rich, crispy gluten-free crust. 
You can experience our amazing pizzas by reserving a table or via the delivery option on our website. 

Since 2012, Crush Pizza + Tap founder Jason McGovern, has been slingin' some of Denver's best pies. Whether you're in the mood for a classic hand-tossed, East Coast slice, a Chicago-style behemoth -- complete with a fluffy cornmeal crust and chunky tomato sauce on top -- or the award-winning Sicilian-style, Jason and the crew at Crush Pizza + Tap have got your back. They have a 'crush' on pizza, and they hope you'll develop one too! Order Crush Pizza + Tap to stuff your face with their award-winning pizza, a cold craft brew, or our cluckin' amazing wings today. -



The brainchild of Jason McGovern, who is Irish, but swears he has pizza in his DNA.

Like many kids, Jason grew up eating a lot of pizza. Friday nights were spent scarfing down slices and watching the latest movie on VHS, both conveniently delivered by the local pizza parlor. Landing jobs as a teenager at a pizza shop inside a water park and later at a national pizza chain, just cemented Jason’s pizza obsession.

Despite a passion for cooking (he was the guy who could always whip something up to eat at a party) and the desire to own his own restaurant, Jason worked in corporate sales after earning a business degree. Still a pizza aficionado, he sampled plenty of local pizzerias and took notes about what he liked to potentially incorporate into his own recipes.

Before long, Jason was making pies at home to share with friends and families. The roots of Crush Pizza + Tap were planted when Jason brought one of his pizzas to a party and a guest asked where she could order his pies. He was soon cranking out pizzas on evenings and weekends to fill orders placed via email. Growing demand forced him to move the fledgling operation out of his home and into a commercial kitchen at a preschool in Northwest Denver.

In 2012, Jason landed his first brick and mortar location inside The Bar Car in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood and dubbed it Denver Deep Dish. Jason moved the restaurant to Lower Highland in 2014 and recently expanded the brand to include a wider variety of pizza styles.

The name Crush Pizza + Tap reflects how “crushable” the pizza is, but also refers to Jason’s life-long crush on pizza. He hopes that after trying his pizza, you’ll develop one too.

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