Help Your Engine Stay Cool

Did you know your cooling system is different than your AC unit? Here's how often you should get yours repaired — and why it's important to do so if you're nearing that milestone.
If you didn't know, a faulty cooling system can actually cause the engine to overheat and potentially cause your car to breakdown. No one wants that! That's where we come in.
At Bighorn Automotive, our expert technicians are here to make sure your vehicle is running as good as new! Whenever your engine temperature gauge starts to creep up, it's time to bring in your car. 
Cooling systems are complex and consist of many parts. We want to ensure all of these parts are working properly, and remove the hassle! Let the experts help you out and visit us at Bighorn Automotive.


Bighorn Automotive is a full service automotive shop. We specialize in everything from daily drivers, to muscle cars, to off-road behemoths, and everything in between! Our Master Tech has over 35-years experience working on cars. Our staff of ASE Certified Technicians provide fast and friendly service to ensure that your vehicle is always ready when promised.


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