We're Saving a Mountain of Paper
Ford is committed to a greener future, and that's why we're making some changes to our owner's manual. Every all-new Ford F-150 will feature a completely digital version of the owner's manual in its central console touch screen. This updated owner's manual will feature search capability and streamed videos to make everything easier to navigate!
This may seem minor, but it allows us to make a big environmental impact. By making this change, Ford will save an estimated 290 tons of paper every year. That's the weight of around 122 combined F-150 pickup trucks! If stacked, the paper that we're saving would be 18,000 feet high! That's taller than any of the mountains in the Rocky Mountains!
Conserving this amount of paper is just one part of Ford's push towards a more sustainable future. With the new electric F-150, Ford is committing towards reducing emissions and pollutions while still offering the same powerful, high-quality vehicles. Swing by Bell Ford today to schedule a test drive and see more ways that Ford is making a difference!
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