Do Your Part to Stop Overpopulation

Getting your pet spayed or neutered will do a lot to help stop the overpopulation problem. Animal Care Center offers laparoscopic spaying and neutering, a great alternative for minimally invasive surgery and quicker healing for your pet.

Laparoscopic spays utilize a small camera to visualize the abdominal structures using two very small incisions rather than one large one. This results in significantly less pain, post-operative swelling and bruising for your pet. Your furry companion will live a longer and healthier life. 

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If Our Pets Were the Vets… (Our Story)

When Dr. Shawn Wayment and Dr. Brooke James started the Animal Care Clinic 14 years ago (they both still work here every day), they came up with a vision for a pet clinic in the Douglas County community that would be the standard by which all other vet practices could be judged by.  

What kind of a practice would there be if Our Pets Were the Vets?

Certainly, it would be a clinic where the latest technology, highest quality, low-stress handling and most compassion were the cornerstones of the practice.  It would also be a top choice of where to come among pets, just like the Mayo or Cleveland Clinic is for humans.  It would be a place where the people who owned the clinic actually worked in the clinic and strived for excellence each and every day.  After 14 years in business, our reviews would show that we are meeting these goals, and we always strive to do more.

It would not be a corporate clinic where the objective is to see the most pets, in the shortest time, for the most profit.  It would not be a place where you are just a number waiting in line to see a vet with very narrow experience at a clinic with very limited facilities.  

At the Animal Care Center, we want clients to be involved in their pets’ care, so we schedule an extra 15 minutes onto our appointments so that we can get to know both you and your pet and have a quality visit.  We have highly experienced vets offering a complete portfolio of best in class services including dentistry, orthopedic surgery, spay and neuter (including laparoscopic surgery), sports medicine and rehabilitation (including a pool), animal behaviors, an in-house lab and pharmacy, as well as general and daytime emergency services.  So, no matter what your pet needs, we can do it here and do it at the highest level.  We have numerous awards and positive reviews; come and see for yourself what we are all about.  New clients get a complimentary wellness exam for one pet. 

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