Healthcare Is a Journey – One That Requires a Partner
That’s us, American Vein & Vascular Institute.
American Vein & Vascular Institute is a family-owned and operated network of vein and arterial diagnosis and treatment centers in Colorado. Co-founded in 2009, Gordon Gibbs, MD, and Erin Gibbs opened their first clinic in Pueblo, CO, and are now proud to be the largest network of vein clinics across Colorado with eight locations. 
Our vein disease treatments are office-based, minimally invasive procedures – all in our comfortable, caring environment that also features:
• No hospitalization or general anesthesia (Treatments may be performed with or without pre-procedure anti-anxiety or oral pain medication upon request)
• No time off work or interruption of personal life or responsibilities
• Minimal risk of side effects or damage
• Minimal post-operative discomfort
If you're experiencing leg symptoms such as restless or achy legs, varicose or spider veins, ankle/foot swelling, ulcers, or just plain painful legs, give us a call. At American Vein & Vascular Institute, we hold close the trust that our patients place in us to heal what ails them.
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