Let's Answer Some Questions!
While treating vein disease may sound intimidating, the actual process is a lot easier than you might think. The treatment options for vein disease have progressed a long way past painful vein stripping, and today's options are often less intrusive than going to the dentist! 
We'd like to answer some questions about our treatments to dispel any potential misconceptions and make the process a lot less scary!
What Treatments Are There?
American Vein has a variety of treatment options. We pride ourselves on finding which ones are right for your specific circumstances and goals. After a diagnostic ultrasound, we'll work with you to create a customized treatment recommendation. These treatment plans can employ a wide range of options, such as compression therapy, radiofrequency ablation, laser ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, or additional emerging technologies.
Is Treatment Painful?
While individual experiences may vary, most patients report minimal discomfort. Our treatments are designed to be minimally invasive and avoid scarring. While patients often experience minor, temporary bruising, it often resolves within a week.
Any potential discomfort is going to be less uncomfortable than living with the symptoms of vein disease. Our patients report a quick decrease in any pre-treatment swelling, and see long-term pain relief from treating diseased veins. 
What Does Recovery Look Like?
As mentioned above, patients can expect temporary bruising. Our treatments do not leave scarring and come with a quick recovery timeline. While we ask that you wear compression socks for two weeks after treatment, you're free to get back to your normal routine immediately! In fact, we encourage you to be active during your recovery time!
If you haven't seen one of our specialists yet, we suggest scheduling a consultation to discuss your symptoms and identify which of our options is best for you. We look forward to helping you take the next important steps on your healthcare journey. Simply schedule an appointment through our website or call us to get started! 
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