Lets Talk About Veins!

What do you know about veins? At American Vein, keeping your veins happy and healthy is our passion. We hope that you can also gain a greater appreciation for your veins. Let's take a look at some fun vein facts!

Veins are adaptable
Up to 70% of your body's blood is in the veins! Veins are also very good at managing sudden changes in blood levels, such as a hemorrhage!
Veins can circumnavigate the globe 
If you were to unwind all of the veins, capillaries, and arteries from an average human body and stretch them out, they could wrap around the whole earth, not only once but twice!
Animals are immune to vein problems
Animals are pretty lucky! Even giraffes, the animals with the highest ankle pressure, don't experience vein issues. This is because the tight skin around their legs prevents varicose veins from forming. Humans, unfortunately, are not immune to these issues.
Luckily, we can receive care for these types of problems.
At American Vein, we are happy to help you with any vein issues you may be experiencing. If you are dealing with any leg pain or discomfort, give us a call.
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American Vein & Vascular Institute is a world-class network of 
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With every patient seen, we strive to “deliver patient care with energy…to and from the heart” and genuinely care about our patients’ journey to improved vein and arterial health.

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