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VTS Offers a Master in Divinity With a Competitive Financial Aid Package

The Master in Divinity degree is the classic professional degree for ministry. With a particular focus on the preparation of persons for ordained ministry, the three-year M.Div. program at Virginia Theological Seminary also provides for those preparing for non-ordained ministry.

The M.Div. program highlights the following areas of study:

  • Religious heritage
  • Ministerial and public leadership
  • Personal and spiritual formation
  • Liturgical formation and leadership
  • Understanding of cultural context

The program is designed with the assumption that students will be enrolled on a full-time basis and, in addition to completing the academic requirements, will be part of worship and community life at the Seminary.

On top of this, Virginia Theological Seminary is offering a new, expanded financial aid package that allows students to concentrate on their studies, rather than their tuition fees. Students applying with a combined adjusted gross income of less than $150,000 annually (single/family) and combined assets of less than $200,000 (single students; this figure is higher for families) will receive a package including the costs of tuition, housing, and a meal plan, as well as a significant contribution toward healthcare premiums for those selecting the Seminary’s sponsored health insurance plan.

For students who would like to focus their studies in distinctive areas, we offer two concentrations within the M.Div. program:

New Mission Practices, to equip leaders with critical and constructive competencies for creative ministries in local, national, and international contexts and at the edges of traditional ministry.

Christian Spirituality, to explore the cultivation and growth in holiness as the foundation for contemporary Christian spiritual practices. Against the background of biblical and classical texts and schools of Christian spirituality, special attention is given to the Anglican ascetical tradition and its enrichment through ecumenical and interfaith engagement.

VTS celebrates the richness of the Orthodox Christian tradition. We affirm the centrality of the Scriptures, the historic creeds, and our Prayer Book in our learning and living together. We recognize that Christians disagree about much and encourage the conversation as we seek to discern God's will for our age. Christians across the spectrum are welcome at VTS.

Our eighty-acre campus, nestled in historic Alexandria, provides an environment for growth, learning, and community. Contact our Admissions Office for a tour and come see the delights of our campus, including our library, chapel, refectory, dormitories and classrooms!

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Virginia Theological Seminary is the flagship seminary of the Episcopal Church. Founded in 1823, VTS prepares women and men from around the world for both ordained and lay service in the Church. VTS offers Masters and Doctoral level degrees, non-degree diplomas, and Continuing Education programs. 

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