One Year of Free Tuition & a Path to a Life Preaching the Gospel

Pathway to Ministry is a new academic program from Virginia Theological Seminary offering one tuition-free year of study to students who have not yet engaged a discernment process but wish to pursue formal theological education in an academically rigorous and spiritually nurturing environment.

During this year at VTS, students will:

Enroll in a selection of courses that provides a well-rounded foundation of theological knowledge

Participate in a structured program of discernment

Are eligible to receive the Diploma in Theology at the end of one year, with the option to continue for a second year (earning a Master of Arts degree), or stay for a third year (earning the Master in Divinity).

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VTS celebrates the richness of the Orthodox Christian tradition. We affirm the centrality of the Scriptures, the historic creeds, and our Prayer Book in our learning and living together. We recognize that Christians disagree about much and encourage the conversation as we seek to discern God's will for our age. Christians across the spectrum are welcome at VTS.

Our eighty-acre campus, nestled in historic Alexandria, provides an environment for growth, learning, and community. Contact our Admissions Office for a tour and come see the delights of our campus, including our library, chapel, refectory, dormitories, and classrooms!



Virginia Theological Seminary is the flagship seminary of the Episcopal Church. Founded in 1823, VTS prepares women and men from around the world for both ordained and lay service in the Church. VTS offers Masters and Doctoral level degrees, non-degree diplomas, and Continuing Education programs. 

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