Go Green with LivWell!

According to data collected by New Frontier, the legal marijuana industry used over $6 billion in energy last year, and that number is only expected to grow as the years go on. However, LivWell continues to make changes to reduce their energy output.

LivWell uses LEDs in every single one of their growing operations, allowing not only for high-quality cannabis plants to grow and flourish, but also saving energy in the process. 

"LivWell was recently the first cannabis company to ever receive a rebate from Xcel Energy due to the reduced electricity costs we have realized in our HVAC system, as LEDs give off far less heat than traditional lighting. With LEDs, we are also able to fine tune the lights to the exact frequency best suited to each stage of the cannabis plants’ cycle of life in order to maximize healthy growth and production volume."  -John Lord, founder and CEO of LivWell Enlightened Health


It all started in 2009 with one little clone and one very big dream.

With careful tending and hard work, we’ve grown from a single location to the biggest cannabis sector employer in the state of Colorado. Today, we have fourteen locations, hundreds of employees and a dedication to treat them all as well as the marijuana business has treated us. Not only do we supply great wages and benefits, we offer in-depth training and opportunities for professional growth, too. Because our bud is far from the only thing we’re interested in cultivating. If you’re interested in employment opportunities with LivWell, see what we’re looking for now.

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