Wrap Your Lips Around Hapa's Sake

Hot or cold, Hapa has the sake for you. As the largest sake menu in the state of Colorado, you have a wide variety to choose from. Sake has a high water content (yay hydration!), zero sulfites and a low histamine content so there will be no blushin' here (unless someone at your table makes a dirty joke, which is pretty likely since you probably ordered the Orgasm roll so you could giggle to your dinner partner).

We dare you to ask for the 69 roll with a straight face. C'mon, it's not like we're watching you from the kitchen or anything...

Alright, enough of that, back to sake. Here are some of our signature drinks:

Purple Haze - Hot sake with raspberry liqueur. Drink enough and you'll see what Hendrix was talking about.

Threesome - Pear ginger infused sake, Cruzan Coconut and Mango Rum, cranberry and O.J. This is the only place in Denver where a Threesome comes with a guaranteed Orgasm.

Berry Fetish - Pearl Raspberry Vodka, house raspberry infused sake and blackberry Izze make up this a berry-luscious concoction.

G Spot - Raspberry infused sake, Pearl Raspberry Vodka, and ginger ale. We bet you had difficulty finding this one...don't worry, some people think it doesn't exist at all.

Zipang Sparkling Sake - You don't need a reason to celebrate unless you want to celebrate bubbly sake!

Thirsty? Get to Hapa Sushi and drink up!

Hapa Sushi has four locations in Colorado to serve you delicious and satisfying sushi rolls! Hapa's menu consists of recipes based on traditional Japanese cooking fundamentals and blending them with a variety of savory additions. Hapa's style of sushi is so unique and just one taste will show you why it's worthy of rave reviews. Lunch, dinner, or happy hour, Hapa is here to serve!






"Hapa" is derived from the Hawaiian term that describes a harmonious blend of Asian & American cultures.

Thus, our menu is based on traditional Japanese cooking fundamentals which are then amplified, muted, or mixed with influences from many different styles of cooking until they are something completely new: they're Hapa.

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