It Will Wok Your World
Try our Wok-charred Malaysian Noodles!
They are served with:
Scrambled eggs
Green onion slivers
Bean sprouts
Our signature noodles are made fresh daily from tapioca starch and rice flour (which makes them gluten-free!).


ChoLon translates to “big market” in Vietnamese and is named after the largest Chinese-influenced market in Saigon. It also includes Executive Chef/Owner Lon Symensma’s first name, so after his extensive culinary travels across Asia, it “felt right” to open ChoLon in 2010 in Denver.

You’ll notice ChoLon’s menu plays on interpretations of traditional dishes found across the Far East, combined with slight nods to Lon’s classical European training. For example, French onion soup is not usually found inside of a hand-pleated Chinese dumpling, but you’ll experience whimsical dishes like this across our menu. 



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