Vein Disease Is Treatable!

Do you have restless legs and can't seem to get comfortable? How about pain or swelling? It could be your veins, and more often than not it's treatable. So if you're experiencing any of the following: 

-Spider or varicose veins
-Restless legs
-Swelling of the legs or ankles
-Pain or heaviness when you stand

Give American Vein a call. Remember, vein pain isn't just a symptom of getting older or something you have to live with. They'll help you get back on your feet - pain free - so you can get back to enjoying the things you love to do. Schedule your appointment today! 




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Healthcare is a journey – and one that requires a partner. That’s us.

American Vein & Vascular Institute is a world-class network of
vein and arterial diagnosis and treatment centers. Co-founded in 2009, Gordon Gibbs, MD, and Erin Gibbs, opened the first family owned and operated clinic in Pueblo, CO and subsequently opened 6 additional facilities across Colorado.

With every patient seen, we strive to “deliver patient care with energy…to and from the heart” and genuinely care about our patients’ journey to
improved vein and arterial health.


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