Have Questions About Vein Disease?

Do you have questions about vein disease and how to proceed with treatment? If so, keep reading: 

Q: What is venous reflux?
A: Healthy veins contain valves that allow for blood to flow from your feet back toward your heart. When these valves fail or weaken, blood can flow in the opposite direction causing a condition called 'venous reflux'. The result can include anything from pain and swelling in the hands and feet to varicose veins, cramping, and restless legs. 

Q: Are vein treatments covered by insurance?
A: While it varies from patient to patient, most insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid, cover treatment of vein disease. If you don't have insurance, we offer various payment options. 

Q: What are the treatments for vein disease? 
A: Depending on your condition, many options, such as compression therapy, radiofrequency ablation, laser ablation, sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, or a combination, are available. Upon your first consultatiton, we'll perform a diagnostic ultrasound and offer a customized treatment plan to suit your needs. 

Q: Are vein treatments/procedures painful? 
A: While everyone is different, vein ablations cause little discomfort and only minor/temporary bruising. Living with the symptoms of vein disease are much worse than the treatments themselves. 

Q: Is there any bruising, scarring, or swelling? 
A: Any pre-procedure swelling should begin to improve immediately after treatment, but there shouldn't be any scarring or swelling. There is a chance, however, of mild bruising that could last a week or so before disappearing. 

Q: How quickly can I resume normal activity?
A: It's recommended that you wear compression stockings for approximately two weeks after being treated, otherwise you're encouraged to get back into your daily routine immediately after treatment. 

Q: How soon will my symptoms improve?
A: Again, every situation is unique but many feel immediate relief, with cosmetic improvements occurring over a matter of weeks. For others, the healing process can take 6-12 weeks. 

Q: Does American Vein & Vascular Institute perform vein stripping? 
A: No. We use minimally invasive techniques, like endovenous ablation, which treats the vein from the inside via a small incision and a tiny catheter that delivers a heat source to permanently seal the vein. 

Q: What if I need the vein for bypass surgery in the future? 
A: We only treat diseased veins that aren't suitable for bypass surgery. Should you require a bypass in the future, your physician will use other healthy veins. 

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