Is it That Time of Year Again?
Every year, it feels like the end of Daylight Savings time just sneaks up on us. One day, we're enjoying crisp Autumn afternoons, and the next we're wondering just where all the sunlight went. 
Daylight Savings Time isn't just annoying, however. It can also be dangerous. The spring shift--when we adjust our clocks in march--has been repeatedly documented to cause an increase in deaths from car accidents and heart attacks. While the autumn shift doesn't see the same increase in those areas, it comes with plenty of its own concerns. 
This time of year usually sees a reported increase in people suffering from depression, caused in no small part by the early sunsets. People who experience seasonal affective disorder often report this time as the onset of their worst symptoms, and it's no surprise why. Activities like substance abuse increase during this time, which come with their own risk of accidents. 
Thankfully, there's plenty of steps you can take to ensure that the seasonal shift goes by smoothly!
Get plenty of sleep. If you're planning to stay up for another Netflix marathon, consider putting it off until a little later. Staying well-rested is one of the most important things you can do to make sure that your tempo isn't thrown off by the longer nights.
Exercise. You don't need to do any Olympic training but look for spots in your schedule where you can fit in workouts. Better exercise = better sleep and better sleep is always a good thing!
Be mindful of how you cope. There's nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional glass of wine after a long day, but be careful about making it a habit. Decompressing through alcohol or other substances has the opposite effect in the long run. Besides, dealing with the long nights is even more challenging when you're hungover. 
Remember that these long nights don't last forever! Just like this year's jump forward snuck up on us, spring will be around before you know it. In the meantime, OnPoint has your back in making sure that your holiday season is safe and healthy. 
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