Get Ready to Make Sense of Balance Sheets, Budgeting & More!

This workshop introduces you to the essential accounting and finance skills any business professional needs to know.

Through hands-on learning exercises, you will learn how to simplify, understand and apply data from financial reports and budgets. You will gain the confidence to ask better questions and make more informed financial decisions for your organization.

This workshop will teach you mission-critical approaches to accounting and finance with key topics such as:

-How to understand and analyze the three main financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows (including comparisons between profit and non-profit organizations).

-Preparing budgets and forecasts and analyzing variances.

-Analyzing your own financial statements so you can learn right away how finance and accounting terms apply to your organization.

-Understanding how longer-term finance decisions are made utilizing the time value of money.

This course is now available online for anyone who wishes to learn remotely.

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