Just 20 Minutes of Exercise a Day Can Boost Your Immunity & Overall Health

Scientific research has shown that all it takes is 20 minutes of physical activity to generate anti-inflammatory effects that in turn support your immune system. On top of this, exercise helps prevent hypertension, Alzheimer's, and diabetes, while lowering stress and slowing the aging process. 

Since exercise is the best form of medicine there is, you have every reason in the world to get moving. If you're new to an active lifestyle, start slow by forgoing elevators in favor of stairs, start taking evening walks, or get up and walk around your home or office every hour. Healthy habits will always pay you back, so set a timer for 20 minutes and get busy getting healthy!

Zone Athletic Clubs offer affordable memberships and affordable personal training that enables members to achieve results. Their exceptional level of service falls in line with their mission statement: We Put Members First! For a fitness community that champions its members to reach their optimal level of health, trust Zone to get you there!




ZONE Fitness Clubs, LLC was founded by Tim Forrest who started his career in the fitness industry in the early 90's as a certified personal trainer. Over the years Tim has grown his career from running onsite corporate fitness centers to holding various executive roles with fitness only clubs as well as high-end athletic clubs, including Lifestyle Family Fitness Centers and the Wellbridge Company.

Tim's vision is to deliver a quality health club that offers an affordable membership and affordable personal training that enables members to achieve results. ZONE Fitness Clubs offer an exceptional level of service which falls in line with their mission statement: We Put Members First!

The first ZONE Fitness Clubs location opened in New Port Richey, Florida in 2013. The second ZONE Fitness Clubs location was introduced in January 2017 in Carrollwood, Florida. ZONE Athletic Clubs is now in Colorado with four various locations in Denver, Cherry Creek, Fort Collins, and Southlands.

ZONE Athletic Clubs is proof you can offer an affordable membership and still deliver a high level of service.

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