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Have you ever wanted an in-depth look at your personalities and leadership competencies? Using psychologist Carl Jung's typology, the Insights Discovery profile offers a framework for self-understanding and development. Research suggests that a good understanding of self, both strengths and weaknesses, enables individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction and can help them to better respond to the demands of their environment.

After completing the evaluation, each participant will receive a 20+ page report which identifies strengths and possible areas for development. The Personal Profile is divided into sections and includes:

-Personal Style Overview
-Strengths and Possible Weaknesses
-Value to the Team
-Communication Style
-Possible Blind Spots
-Opposite Type
-Suggestions for Development
-How to Manage and Motivate
-Management Style

This course includes the online evaluation, report, and half-day classroom session to help you understand your results. 

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